This is my first blog post, I haven’t had a blog before but I felt i must start one as my mouth is too big to be muted by the ties I have on facebook; I mustn’t inadvertently burn my bridges with others especially people that I have to be friendly with for years and years to come. These people I am referring to are mainly the other mothers at kinder who I see everyday and will see everyday for the next 7 years at the very least. I prefer to keep things civil in those types of circles, you know.. pick your battles, choose your audience and all of that.
Also another reason for starting a blog is the simple fact that I love to write. Being a mum can make you feel stupid and brainless when you have to stop doing the things that once kept your brain sharp- more on that I’m sure in later posts!

Truth is I have no idea what is going to come out and isn’t that the beauty of having your own little platform called blogging. So come along for the ride, or don’t, up to you!