I love animals, i would do anything for them to live in a safe and secure environment especially when they haven’t had that chance.

One of my many rescue animals is a dog, she is gorgeous. I adopted her when she was 4 months old, the first woman that bought her did not treat her kindly and then gave her up which was the only right thing she did by my girl.

My dog came to me with the worst case of worms my vet had ever seen, to the extent she was pooping out worms longer than spaghetti  (there’s an unwanted visual for you!!). She is an inside dog with not much hair and very sensitive to the cold, she was kept outdoors unable to come inside ever at her old home and rarely walked.

Now you know the background here goes the latest issue. I have joined a facebook group that offers playdates for this particular breed and we also give one another advice. My pup is experiencing separation anxiety and it is time for another rescue to add to our crew so i posted asking for people to share their dog mixes. I told them a bit about my pups story and how she came to us. Well it turns out the lady i got her from had joined the groups i have and been watching my posts for sometime… stalker behaviour anyone????

Jeesh!! She has now posted on every single one of my posts saying there is no truth to my words and I shouldn’t be speaking like that nor should i have changed my dogs name.. umm she is the one who abused her dog and gave her up to me for a fee which i happily paid to get her out of that situation. 

I’m not one to go in to brawl on facebook, I’m no keyboard warrior which is why I’m  funnily enough venting on my own space here far away from her…. Until she stalks me again i suppose?

Be careful on social media, you never know who is going to come at you regardless of the favours you have done them. Guilt is a nasty emotion, one should never be driven by guilt.