As the title suggests, today was absolute chaos. Just madness.

To begin the day, i got home from taking my oldest to kinder to find my door jammed shut… one of my dogs had pushed the shoe hamper in front of the door. With screaming toddler in my arms I kicked the door open to find foil and cardboard  EVERYWHERE!!!!

My dog had opened one of my drawers, taken the candles out and neatly placed them on the floor then ate a whole entire block of 85% cocoa chocolate. Now, i didn’t know which pup ate it but i certainly knew who got it out.

I called the vet in a mad panic and they didn’t have any time available but when i explained it was very dark chocolate they got me to come straight down so they could treat both dogs. My vet truly is amazing. So i piled the dogs and screaming toddler in to the car again off to the vet.

They gave them both medicine in their eye (which I’m going to research later because that is something i find so interesting, I’ve never seen that before). It induced vomitting so i sat out on the grass in the rain with now not screaming but running toddler trying to help my babies get up their chocolate. First up was my big husky, he vomitted up a huge amount of chocolate, food and a whole tea light candle. Second up was my whippet who the poor thing, vomitted up her breakfast and thats it.

Needless to say she wasn’t happy with husky for making her puke unnecessarily in the rain!!

I get the dopey dogs home and my psych had arrived for our appointment. My mind was everywhere but funnily enough i talked for the first time in months and actually problem solved a situation.

I picked my daughter up from kindy later on and had a playdate with one of her friends at my house. Her friend is scared of big dogs and my big dog is scared of high pitched noises. Cue my daughters friend squeeling and my husky bolting for it! He ran so far down the street and across roads. He always sits at roads. Always. I never thought I’d get him back, he was terrified, i was terrified, my kids were terrified and so was my kids friend.

I chased him a good 200m in the pouring rain with just socks on, tackled him to the ground and brought him home.

Twice today i thought I’d lose him forever.. I feel like the worst person ever… how can so much go wrong in a day with animals?? All that comes to mind is I am a massive failure. I hate how stupid I am. I hate it. I shouldn’t be raising animals or children with how bloody stupid i am.

Anyway, the things i have to be grateful for is that i have an amazing vet, a psych who visits me at home, a friend who no questions asked watches my kids and other animals while i bolt down the street and that everyone is ok now. I’m going to need a big pot of tea.