My whippet gets very cold, she is quite a princess and insists on sleeping in luxury with pillows and blankets during the day and under the doona with my daughter in the evenings.

Last night she ate her regular jumper but was whining due to it being winter so what to do? An upset pup who made herself cold by eating her jumper still gets my sympathy!


This is her sleeping in the daytime, homemade pillows and homemade patchwork blanket for this princess!


So, we were going on our morning walk but without a jacket? In winter? Nope nope nope! So i raided my son’s pj drawer and cut off the feet of one of his many onesies (i don’t think he will miss it!). What happened next was magic, buttons fitted perfectly with the bottom part giving a space for poops and wees. Check it out!


She looks so funny!

Heres another pic of how the bum looks


Ta da! Whippet onesie in a pinch, these whippies know how to chew and chew and chew… and chew some more so i doubt this is the last time I’ll be making emergency pjs for her