I am sick of people bashing the safe schools program. I honestly have no understanding of why a number of parents are against this campaign when these parents have children who could belong to the LGBT community or have friends that are.

I’ve  tried to understand where these protesters beliefs come from, if there is any sense in their arguments or even if I can see it from their point of view. I have watched videos, read blogs and heard the mums at kinder bitch about the program and I still cannot for the life of me understand how people can be so small minded.

The argument that God is coming to save the trans community from themselves? He will save the gay people from themselves? What the fuck. What the fuck…???? LGBT people don’t need rescuing, they are happy the way they are but for some reason, a reason I have tried to understand, these people are not being accepted. People won’t accept them, they think they are defective.

Many LGBT people have mental health issues, that stems from the bigotry they face by these same people who are against the safe schools program. These parents, these parents raising children to believe they are defective if they are gender fluid, gay, whatever. The people who are against the program are bullies, they say they are defending their children but really they are instilling hate in their children and perhaps even self hatred too if their children are gender fluid or the like.

I will not stand by and watch these protests; let people love who they want to love and teach your children that families take many forms. It takes a village right? Well I don’t want any fucking bigots in mine.