I just want everyone and everything to shut the fuck up for a while. I’m so done with people, relationship and friendship dynamics, hell I’m even sick of the dynamics between aquaintences! I’m tired, I’m run down and I’ve given everything in me to everyone else so at the end of the day when I have some time for me I just can’t be fucked.

I haven’t brushed my hair in weeks, my partner has forced me to have a shower and my house is a fucking mess. I don’t know what to do and I have no idea how to keep going every.single.day! I have to get out of bed for the kids, I have to do all the daily tasks like feeding the kids, taking them to parks and socialising them, giving them quiet time, nurturing their needs, kissing them better when they get an ouch and talking to them. This sounds like an easy job to so many but for me it feels like walking through nearly dried up cement.

At the end of the day i feel like I’ve had boiling water tipped all over me and told to run a marathon. I just can’t express how exhausted and painful I am finding every moment.