I used my right to vote yesterday, I dragged my kids to an ever boring activity for them and put in my 2c about who I want to govern my country. My daughter who has SPD and APD was very confused and got upset about being at the polling booths because it was busy and held at the school she isn’t going to be at next year- that upset her greatly; but I still voted for my voice however small, to be heard.

The problem is as I was going through the election papers I just could not fathom how the top 2 could improve my country. Liberal and Labor have done nothing else but ridicule one another this whole time thus neglecting to put out their policies to Australia to vote on.

I wake this morning to see the result; nothing. We don’t have a PM yet because NO ONE WAS WORTH VOTING FOR! The result is on “a knifes edge”. This is not because the top 2 are battling it out with huge support conflicting the result. It is because they both are liars and are driving our country in to the ground. Neither have a compassionate bone in their body to connect with the public, both are driven by the Catholic church and money, money and more money. They are both equally as greedy so it is little wonder why Australia couldn’t throw their support to one party preferred.

I think we should take the big 2 out of it and tally up the results, see where the results are, then add the big 2 back in as senate seats as an after thought. Come on Australia, step outside Libs/Labor and vote for someone else because all those two have done the past 10 years is swing back and forth, knifing their own parties and PMs in the back and sending chaos to Australia. I’m sick of it. Aren’t you?