13413685_10153552324636957_6739994285622865646_nHere I am sitting at the tattoo studio waiting for another to add to my collected. The machines are buzzing in the background, i have a hot coffee and i have no kids at my feet. I really feel blissed out so what better thing to do than blog while I happily wait?

For a few months I have been contemplating doing a course in vetinary nursing- this will be a shift for me as I hold qualifications for social work and alcohol and other drugs counselling as well as childrens services. I just love animals you see, i have always wanted to be a vet since i was tiny but i grew up in a house that always told me i was too stupid  too lost, too distracted and too dumb to ever pursure a career as a vet or any type of animal attendant. I believed this, of course I did  i had been having that in my ear whenever i would talk about my wants, needs or dreams.

So i studied other things, things i was told my stupid brain could deal with, then i was shut down being told I am too sensitive to deal with people and what a stupid career path to choose. So here I am again contemplating my original dream of working with animals.

I have experience with dogs, cats, chicken, fish, rabbits, guinea pigs, fish and rescue animals. I simply adore animals and want to dedicate my life to them but juggling motherhood with work placement and study is so hard. We can’t afford much as it is let alone working for free and paying off a course. Is it worth the debt? Is it worth the stress of finding placement and childcare? Can we afford it? Its too hard 😦 i wish the answer was easy and mental illnews didn’t get in the way of my decision making and ability to function.