My whippet sleeps under my daughters doona in her bed.

When my daughter wakes over night which is a lot, she takes so much comfort knowing that the dog is next to her keeping her warm and safe. If she can’t feel her on her feet she worries, she frets and can’t calm down until she finds her beloved doggie.

I think it’s sweet. My whippet used to sleep in my bed under my doona the same way when i was growing up. When i got a boyfriend he would sleep on the floor next to me and my dog! He was a keeper, 9 years later we are still together even though the dog always came first 🙂

I was raised in a volatile household, the only thing that kept me from suiciding was my dogs and the strong bond we had, i  can’t describe the closeness I had with her. It’s like trying to get someone to explain love, you just can’t put words to it as words don’t do love justice.

I love seeing the bond my dogs have with my kids, it is nothing short of beautiful.