I’m laying here crying on the inside but too numb and out of control to cry on the outside.

I think I’m done, I’ve spent all my energy, I’ve spent all my hope, I’ve spent all my faith. I’ve reached the end.

I know in my heart everyone is best with me gone, for my kids it will hurt for a while but no where near the amount of hurt I will cause if i stay on the earth. I love them too much to make them have to stay around me. It breaks my heart but sometimes you need to be honest with yourself to make the best decisions for your family.

My pets will be in good hands. My partner is wonderful with them and the kids.

I feel done. I can’t fight any longer.l can’t fight because I don’t deserve the things worth fighting for. I have lost the battle, it has won. It was always going to win. It was just when will it. And it’s come and I feel its won.