If you were to read my last post you would know i am in a dark place. My mental health isn’t right and I’m battling against a huge wave of depression and irritability.

So i am quilting my way back to sanity. Above is one of my latest rag quilts. I have made 4 big quilts since i posted last.. 3 days ago. I have 2 children, 2 rabbits, a fish, a cat and 2 dogs to tend to in that time so believe me when I say I am quilting interrupted millions of times but every day.


Here is another one I made, terrible light but hey.. it’s making me feel something other than the overwhelming dark cloud suffocating my every breath.


The opposite side


Another obsessive quilt


And a quilt for my dog too, you can barely see it.. or my dog for that matter but how cute do they look snuggled up together!

So there you go, somehow I am still alive. It probably is quilting that is giving me purpose and keeping me here right now. I still feel the same as i did 3 days ago but I’m still here.