As usual, everything is a mess.

One of my dogs escaped a teeny tiny gap in a fence at the fenced dog park… i found him an hour or so later after running running running the streets playing hide and seek. Feeling like a failure there.

Also I separated from my partner last night. I’m sick of being let down by him time and time again. It’s a temporary separation sure but it still sucks.  Failure number 2.

People keep going on about how awesome their parents are to their children, my parents are shit. My dad used to shoot me with a high powered bb gun, my sister and I hid under a shelter we made from chairs and sheets to get away from him shooting the real guns in the house while drunk. Mum isn’t much better… my partners parents are totally stuffed too. One is dead the other lives 4 states away. I can’t provide grandparents for my kids. Failure there too.


Fail. Fail. Fail. Fail.