I am getting sick and tired of people buying animals and then getting rid of them like they aren’t living beings. This rant springs from a facebook page i joined that i thought sold 2nd hand pet stuff like crates/kennels etc but it also sells puppies and older dogs for when their owners get sick of them.

Sure, puppies are cute- that’s one of the main reasons people want a puppy. However this is a great pitfall, I have seen it first hand people ditching their puppies because they demand more attention than the owner can give them. Afterall, that is how my whippet came in to life at the young age of 4 months. Puppy was “too playful” for their cat so they locked my pup outside until they found a new home for her.

The puppy pitfall would save so many animal lives if the people seeking a dog adopted an older dog, I’m not saying everyone needs to get an 8yo shelter dog but even a 1yo would be less intense than a baby puppy. This would also stop the excuse “the dog grew bigger than we wanted”. Now, this excuses pisses me off to no end. My large dog is loads more placid than my medium/small dog. A big dog doesn’t equate to more responsibility always.

People also are not researching the breed they choose, i see so many people buying toy sized dogs thinking that because of their size that they don’t need training. They can be picked up if they are getting in to mischief, their mouths are smaller therefore less destructive- yet another common myth.

Many larger breeds would be more suitable to families than these toy breeds that are being on sold all the fucking time. This same rule goes for larger breed dogs that have physical appeal to many but they aren’t prepared for the work. Huskys, malamutes, german short haired pointers, bull mastiffs, staffies (even though they are small). I see these dogs always popping up in my shelter searches and these dogs (mainly bull mastiffs and staffies) are the most common ones to be surrendered to shelters because surprise surprise, they need exercise! Yet these people wanting larger breeds constantly overlook greyhounds because they are worried about the amount of exercise they need and they might be aggressive. Couldn’t be more of a myth! Ex race greyhounds are usually young to adopt (1-3years usually), they require 20-30 mins on leash walk per day, don’t eat you out of house and home and they are great around children, heck most are even great with cats!

I wish i could do something to stop people buying and selling pets like a change of clothing or an old piece or furniture. It comes down to education and some dodgy breeders selling dogs to make money without vetting the potential owners of the animals.

Go to a shelter, find a rescue group, do your research and you won’t find yourself to be one of the dumbasses that rehomes their next pet.