As u most of you know i have a very well behaved siberian husky and a not so well behaved whippet. My whippet has fantastic recall, isn’t agressive towards people and most dogs and will drop things when i tell her to but thats about the extent of it.

When we go to the off leash dog park she starts howling and crying when we are still in the car around the corner! By the time we park the car she is going ballistic. Most say to me that this js normal excitement and how cute it is. Well no, no it isn’t cute because it could end tragically. Her brain is faster than her legs and boy are those legs fast! If I let her off leash as soon as we get to the gate then she will fly off but being a sight hound she will see things and focus on only that target, but when her brain is so amped up like when we open those gates she is so overly excited that she can see two things she wants, run so quickly, get confused and trip  on her own feet. Whippets get up to 60km per hour so tripping at this speed can break legs as we often see in greyhound racing. She also can get so excited that instead of a playful nip she will do a bite.

Ok, so now you know the background  here i go! I have been ridiculed, lectured and yelled at by STRANGERS telling me I am cruel to leash her until she calms down. I’ve  had the same shit said to me like “leash your husky, he’s more agressive than her!” And “whippets are made to run, let her run for gods sake” and so it goes on and on. I originally thought people understand when you explain the dog is being trained, i also thought people would understand when you tell them your dog isn’t agressive. No, no they do not understand.. infact they use this as a way to argue with you. I’ve explained countless times how and why I  training my whippet, for her safety and the safety of other dogs. I have explained my husky has never displayed and aggressive behaviour even when provoked. No one cares nor do they listen.

I’ve been raising whippets for 20 years, chances are I know a lot more than the idiots at the park that just want to see her run while amped up because it makes for a good show. Good show it does make, its like greyhound racing how they amp them up beforehand so their run is full of grunt and speed.. But it isn’t safe and I won’t risk my dogs health or your dogs health for your own pleasure. I hate greyhound racing and I hate how uneducated people can be.

When I say “I’m training my dog” then back off and give me some credit that I know what I’m doing. Also don’t bring my well mannered husky in to it with stupid comments like “you’ve leashed the wrong one”. No I haven’t leashed the wrong one, I’ve leashed the one that will bite your dog if she gets too excited.

To everyine that cops insults wheb they are training their animals, I salute you! Keep doing what you’re doing and keep rolling those eyes at the ignoramuses that won’t understand.