I am a trainee vet nurse and i am looking for work placement. I am also a fully qualified drug and alcohol counsellor and social worker. I couldn’t find work after over 100 applications in my qualified field, rejection letters aplenty and no responses or call backs also plenty.  I have now moved on to vet nursing… i can’t even find work placement. No one has to even pay me and they still won’t take me on.

This is my second shot yet i still am not good enough for anyone to even trial my skills. Or what i thought were skills…

This has all sent me in to yet anogher downward spiral of depression. I feel worthless, a burden, a pest and an absolute failure. I don’t know what the next move is, i don’t have one. If i am worth nothing to so many people then i have been deluding myself this whole time.


I wrote this on the 8th of July this year. Fuck.