When my daughter goes to school I will not under any circumstances become involved with the mothers there.

Here is why.

AT the start of the 4 year old kinder I was under this illusion that I had made friends, connected with other mums in the same boat as me. We laughed, cried,shared detailes of how hard we find motherhood. We bitched about the useless teachers and all in all had a fab understanding of one another… There was a mum that had a go at one of the mums in our group so I defended her to my death as I would of any friend


I found out I only had my “friends” side of the story. I decided to not take sides in the feud… faux pas of my behalf apparently! My original friend came all guns a blazing bitching about me to anyone who would listen. Told everyone I was mentally unhinged and thought she would pretend to be best friends with me to my face. Well… I have learned my lesson.

This woman made up false things about the other woman to everyone, turned the whole group of kinder mums against her and expected everyone to follow suit. When I didn’t I became target. What you must understand i when you are a target your family becomes one too. i was working one morning when my partner took my kids to a birthday party. My disabled son got in to some trouble climbing and the bitch in question turned to see who was crying and left him on his own as he is my son. Well… bitch you can fuck right off. Hate me all you want but I would never put a child, disabled at that at risk. She would. She did. She is dead to me. So is the comrades around her, once my closest friends turned in to vile, hate feeding women.

This is why I will never make friends with school mums, it is not worth it no matter how much you hit it off in the beginning.