I am a trainee veterinary nurse. I am a mum and I have a fucked up life.

The woman and her comrades I blogged about last time are still at it, what a fucking surprise… My walking buddy in the evenings… my FRIEND well…  the kindergarten bitch has poached from me. Out from under my feet, little fucken twerp.

I worked today. We had a beautiful dog in that had cancer all over his neck, I was under the false illusion we could help him. He had X-Rays, he had bloods, he had TLC, he drooled all over my scrubs and my pants. He gave up in my arms. I was shattered. My old dog died of cancer in a similar way, I was a mess. I was a mess with this pup too. I then cleaned myself up and walked all the hospitalised dogs pretending they would all make it too.

I went home. I wanted to sleep, I wanted to drink wine, I wanted to cry but I had to be a mum. I breathed in, took my kids grocery shopping and cooked dinner. I will mourn the dog in my own time. RIP lovely ❤